Should I write an eBook?

After using my Kindle for a while now, Im thinking of Publishing my youtube Blitz3D tutorials in eBook format.

What do people think, and what would be a good price to charge? I’m thinking of a few pounds, if it sold well, then it would encourage me to write a more advanced book and some more advanced you tube videos.


  1. Definitely! I would buy it in an instant. I am a novice programmer and am always looking for information that is readily available. I think 20-25 CAD (Canadian Dollars), which may be either more or less than what people would be accustomed to is reasonable (depends on the quantity of information), however I would pay 30 CAD for it too.

    One of your fans,

  2. Definitely! I would buy it in an instant. 20-25 CAD (Canadian Dollars) would be reasonable in my opinion, although it could go for less or more depending on the quantity of what you will be including.

    One of your fans,

  3. I do not think yours is a good idea!
    You took so long to write a book and sold them a few cents!

    I think you’d better continue to post videos on youtube for free, so continue to have more fans … and perhaps a job in the field of video games.

  4. It would be great for you to come out with an Ebook. I enjoy your tutorials and think that a book format would be great.

    $9.99 would be a good price I think.

  5. Hi thanks for the comments.

    I never took the “base” project any further than the concept ideas. I think it was simply down ot time constraints due to work commitments. I am getting back into programming now though, so expect to see some new videos before long.

    I’m learning Andrid development, but plan to write all games in both Blitz and Android, blitz is a good way to prototype games before putting them into a more complex and time consuming platform.

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