Quick update on everything

Hi all,

just a quick update on everything I normally blog about:

The You Tube Blitz Basic videos are proving popular, I’m getting some good comments and have just hit the 21 subscribers mark. I’ve seen other you tube posters make little games to celebrate hitting certain numbers of subscribers, I’ll be doing this for getting to 25 I think, just need to decide what the game should be.

I’ve not been doing much at all on Fruit drop lately, it’s nearly finished though, it’s just the small details that need fixing now, such as changing from text to bitmapped fonts, which is faster. I also need to implement the high score tables and tidy up the graphics. Don’t know when I’ll have this one finished.

Other games, well I’m wanted to get started on my Action RPG title, I’m still not 100% sure what language to write this one in, I’d like to do it all in Blitz3D, but I want to be able to use it on my CV as an example game, so it might be better to do it in C++ using the allegro graphics library. I’ll make that decision once the design document’s finished.

My home life? I’m still spending all my week days away in Switzerland, which really sucks, especially as I’m trying to move into a new house with my girlfriend, due to the leaky roof problem in our current flat. Might be moving this coming weekend, will have to wait and see.

More success with Youtube programming tutorials

I’m now over 1200 views from 5 days ago, and have 10 subscribers. I’ve alos finished the first set of tutorials showing how to program a simple space invaders clone.

I’ve been getting good feedback from viewers, so I’ve begun a new series of videos showing simple techniques in 2D for games, such as how to do gravity.

See my videos at: http://www.youtube.com/amcadam26

Here’s a Work in Progress video of Fruit Drop:

The video tutorials are a success!!!

After one week of posting videos, I’ve just uploaded my eighth tutorial video and now have over Six Hundred views already! And 4 subscribers too, including the guys Gyrovorbis, whos videos inspired me to start my own in the first place.
I’m not competing against them, or anyone else, as no one else is making Blitz Basic videos.

the link is:

So go check it out. There’ll be a few clips of other games I’ve written on there too, as well as a video of how Fruit drop is going.