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Invaders: Mars Defender – now released on Google Play Store

October 19, 2017 Leave a comment

After the success of Invaders, which has now past 300,000 downloads, and the success of the follow up, Invaders: Deluxe. We have released Invaders Mars Defender


A new take on the classic Space Invaders game, we now add more weapons, powerups and boss levels.

Select from three control methods (joypad, onscreen buttons, drag controls) and take on endless waves of alien invaders.


Download now from the Google play store:

Invaders Mars Defender – Google Play Store


New Game project: Invaders – Earth Defender

After releasing my last game “Space Invaders Deluxe 2017” as a small upgrade on the space invaders clone I released a few years ago. I’ve begun work on a series of five space shooters based around the gameplay mechanic of games like “Galaga Wars” and “Voxel Invaders”.

The player ship is controlled by the player dragging it around the screen and the ship fires weapons automatically. This makes it easy to play the game one handed, which makes it better for casual players who play while travelling to work on trains, buses or subways.

I have the ship control complete, with the first weapon (single shot) working. I will use code from Space invaders deluxe for weapons upgrades and also add in new weapons such as homing missiles and extra weapons drones to fight for you.


The first game will be called “Invaders – Earth Defender”, followed by four more games based on different planets and space objects (nebula, black holes, etc…)


I plan to release these over the course of this year. And will post development updates as I go.

This is all being written in B4A using the awesome LibGDX game engine library.

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Space Invaders success!!!

February 2, 2017 Leave a comment

Our game: Space Invaders 2017, has now passed 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store!!!

Needless to say, we’re overjoyed at this, and never expected it to take off as it has, it’s currently still getting over a thousand downloads each day and we expect to hit two hundred thousand downloads within a few months.


For those interested, here’s the store link:

Space Invaders 2017

I’m adding gamepad support right now for a new update.


I’m also working on an upgraded version called Space Invaders: Deluxe, with higher resolution professionally produced graphics.



Support Coffee Induced Games

September 13, 2016 3 comments

To help support us producing our games, can we suggest purchasing the language we use? Basic4Android from Anywhere software.

And what would really help is if you’re thinking of purchasing B4A, please use the following link to visit the Official B4X site.

B4X Official Site –

For every purchase made here, we will receive a small amount of the sale and help give us the means and motivation to continue producing quality games produced using Basic4Android and publishing work in progress blog posts and Youtube videos.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re on the edge, go for it! What do you have to lose? B4X offer a full 30 day money back guarantee!


Our sister blog also feature a series of tutorial articles you can use to get going on creating your own games using B4A and LibGDX. (LibGDX is free)

Update on level loading for Grenade!

April 29, 2016 1 comment

I’ve completed most of the level loading code for Grenade now, so the Android version can use the PC versions level files, the below screenshot shows the current state. Nearly all objects are loaded from the map and are displayed. I might change the scale of the soldiers as they look a bit small compared to the level and still need to load in other level details like objectives and the collision map (to stop soldiers walking over rivers and through buildings)

wipshot_290416All the graphics will get improved for the final version before release, the trees need better texturing, the rocket packs are too big, the rivers need to be darker with animated water, the bushes need to be cut down a bit (pruned) and given more variety and the grass texture could do with some variation too. I’ll also improve the look of the buildings, although that’s not in shot right now.

After I finish the map loading, I’ll start working on the interface, there’s going to be a button for grenades, one for rockets, and one for air strikes, then a minimap button and a menu key to pause or abort. The solders will also need healthbars, which I’ll put in a side bar box.

I’ve also decided to reduce the soldiers to two per mission, it will improve performance a little and should make route finding much easier, it’s also easier to manage for the player on smaller phone screens.

Small victory in Grenade for Android dev

April 27, 2016 Leave a comment

This morning I’ve managed to load the first part of a level file from the PC version of Grenade into the Android version. this did have it’s issues as it turns out Blitz3D stores data to files a little differently to B4A, but with some help from the official B4A forum )and the guy who wrote B4A), I’ve managed to fix it and have produced a screenshot below showing the correct positions for all the trees on the first level of the game. the next worklog should show a full level layout running on Android:


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Grenade PC version gameplay video

April 20, 2016 Leave a comment

I’ve finally uploaded a video of me playing Grenade! This is the original PC version I wrote in 2002

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