Santa delivered a Kindle!!!

A Kindle arrived for Christmas!!!

What a great little device! A quarter the cost of the IPad and a lot of useful functionality!

I’m half way through reading “What you see is what you get” by Alan Sugar right now, but keep wishing it had some extra functionality.

Like apps. I’m not talking big apps like on an ipad, but there’s no reason you couldn’t have Chess, Sudoku, To-Do lists, Alarm clocks, better MP3 player, etc…. on it. there’s a tonne of useful apps that could be made for it. why oh why are Amazon taking so long to set up an app store? They have a payment system there and connectivity sorted, so what’s the hold up?

If its commercial agreements with the data use on whispernet with cellphone network providers, then just make it Wi-Fi only for now then have a subscription model setup for 3G enabled apps later on.

I have the 3G Kindle, the Wi-fi works very well on it, as does the 3G connectivity. And it’s not just 3G, if you don’t have a 3G signal then it will connec tto GPRS over 2G to use that instead.

the web browser works very well for a limited device, I’ve managed to use it for browsing email and Google maps while out in the car no problem.

The screen quality is excellent, totally readable, the same as reading off paper. Some people complain that the page turn “black out” puts them off but you get used to this and after a while you forget you’re reading an ebook at all.

My advice, get one.

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