Big tutorial update on my platform game engine

I normally upload tutorials that just cover one extra function. But with the platform game engine, it would take me years to do all the videos to cover the whole engine. So I’m choosing instead to kind of copy what some other developers do on youtube and just upload every few hours while I work on it. This means every few minutes in the clip you see what I’ve done in the last few hours. It’s good cause it means the code gets written much quicker.

Check out my latest video now:

Blitz3D Showreel uploaded to Youtube

I’ve uploaded a video showing some o the best games made in Blitz3D. this is an answer to the mails I get asking whether Blitz can make any good games:


I can’t stress enough, that the quality of the game is due to the time, effort and skills of the development team that makes it, the actual language used makes little difference. Blitz3D may be limited to Directx7 3D effects but is stil capable of making very good games. It really comes down to having a good design document for your game, putting in the time and effort, and not expecting to write the next killer game in one night, even the simplist games will take days to write and get them to the point where you could show them to others and release them.