1. hey, does that say blitz3d???? why use 3d for a 2d game. Hey im also a huge fan of your work. im starting to learn BlitzMax BASIC from a book. So far i understand it, i think… i want to make a PvP game like when you have a character fight another character, but both are human players. if you have any idea on how or where i can make servers to put my game online to play against others, that would be awesome! Peace, SwindianBoy

    • I use Blitz3D because it’s got a good 2D engine in it and then later on it’s easy to go into 3D programming if needed.

      For your PvP game, I play World of warcraft so I think I know what you’re trying to make. The best thing to do first is use your own PC to host games, you’ll need to do a lot of work before your ready to host it online. To get it working online eventually you’ll need a windows server, you can rent these, they’re not too expensive. Just google for windows hosting.

  2. Hi!, I think you’re doing an excellent job with those tutorials on youtube, as they’re showing people to realize how fast can be developing a platform game with the help of BlitzBasic Language.

    Btw , I’ve been using Blitz3d for about 4-5 years, so if you have any problem or just want some tips with the code, be free to ask. 🙂

    Oh! And Blitz3d with UltraFastImage lib seems to be the fastest 2D Renderer Engine of all I’ve tried atm, so don’t worry about speed at all..

    For example, You could try to use Graphics3d instead of regular Graphics command, and combine it Renderworld & Flip, because in most cases they remove the need to use CLS, which is a framerate killer.

    By adding a simple Delay with a value between 1-3 usually makes your game less cpu-eater, as you will notices in the taskmanager service.

    Really nice game you’re doing now. Keep on it!

  3. when do you think you are going to go into 3d games, and also i think you should make another tutrial like the space invaders one (start form scratch)

    • do you mean another 2D game tutorial from scratch or a 3D game? I’m getting back into making tuorials now and am happy to go with what people want to see.

  4. Hey man
    awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u r just great man spending a hell lot of time for people and noobies like me who are desperate and trying to set a carrier in game industry just one quick question man i am currently studyin in college takin game programming which is strtin in next semester and they wil be focusin on xna and c# so how hard i can expect those compared to this blitz programming would you recomend me anything for now so i can just get ahead of class???
    please leave me a reply
    really waiting for ur suggestion !!!!!!!
    God bless u

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