Looking for hobby game devs to work with

need you

Do you write small Android games in your spare time as a hobby?

Do you secretly wish you could earn some money from it?

Maybe even do it as a job one day, but you don’t have a games degree or all the skills required for a AAA studio?

Well, maybe you should talk to us…

Check out our games, the graphics aren’t anything amazing, the good graphics are bought from online asset stores, the sound effects made using SXFR, and the game play written after hours of trial and error figuring out how to get on screen twin stick controls to work and hunting on devs forums. But we got lucky, and got downloads.

We’re now sitting on over 80,000 active installs on Android devices and in prime position to grow this by releasing more retro style arcade games, I’m talking Donkey Kong, Asteroids, PacMan, Tetris. If you think you could write these games, make them fun, make them smooth (we’re talking frame rate not Shaft), retro style looking (a good CRT effect would be nice), have some juiciness (look it up on YouTube). then get in touch, send us some example work and maybe we could publish your games on our Play Store account as your publisher/co-developer.

We’re not talking a full time job, just what ever time you can spare and a share of the earning from any games you release with us. Upfront one off payments are possible, but you’d normally be better off taking a cut of the profits.

Get in touch now! : joinus@coffeeinducedgames.com

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