Release of our new Android App – Romance Reminder

We’ve just released a new Android app. Something for the forgetful partner, it’s called Romance Reminder

Download it from the Google Play store now for FREE:

Romance Reminder on Play Store


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My first experience with Youtube Monetization Adwords

I’ve had a number of videos on YouTube for several years now, some of them are quite popular, for what they are. So I thought I’d try enabling them with Google for adverts to see if I can make a little money from them. Here’s what I’ve had happen over the last four months.

I enabled adwords on my most popular videos at the end of 2011. these were the videos getting around 150 – 500 views per month. My channel overall gets around 3,500 views per month.

With adwords, my current revenue since enabling it at the end of December 2011 is standing at around $23 over four months. And that’s for 15,500 views. So I need around  675 views per dollar.