Saving Battery life on a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

Smart phone’s are great aren’t they? I mean you hardly even need a laptop when you’ve got one of these babies. Only one small problem, they have terrible battery life. You’re lucky to get through a working day in some cases. this is what I found when I first got my Galaxy S2 phone.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a brilliant phone, easily better than any other phone I’ve tried. the screen is gorgeous, it’s fast and responsive and I can tweak anything I like. So I thought “why not try tweaking the battery life?”

Here’s the steps I’ve taken to tweak things:

And that’s about it, if I hardly use the phone, I will now get nearly 4 days use. In general it will use less than 1% battery per hour when not in use.

I have just order a replacement battery, the standard battery is 1650mah, my new replacement battery is 2450mah and cost about £10 ($15) on Ebay.Batteries take a few charge cycles to settle in, so I’ll update the post when I’ve tested it properly.

there are a few things I wish I could do that would help greatly with the battery, just don’t know how to do them:

  • Be able to only use half the screen for simple tasks like reading texts or browing music tracks (the screen’s easily big enough).
  • Have a solar panel on the back of the phone. You could then trickle charge it over the day if you sit next to a window (which I do).
  • Any other ideas???


  1. I’ve got a few things to add ot the list:

    Use a dark background for the launcher screen (AMOLED screens use less power on dark colours).
    Turn off Data packets if you only use internet over wi-fi
    Turn off background data (the Market will request this when you use it but otherwise leave it off).

    Current stats:
    44% Battery remaining after 38 hours unplugged
    1hour 20min screen on time.

  2. Little update:
    27% after 66 hours
    1.5 hours screen on time
    Going to leave it all day to see where it hits zero.

  3. Couldn’t find my charger last night so I left it on all night instead. It’s now at 8% charge after 91 hours.
    2 hours screen on time.

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