Join Us

Here’s the deal guys and gals, making games is great fun, we all know that. But the drag of it is thinking that no one will play your game. I thought the same thing, and used to think making games would always be just a hobby but never lead anywhere. Then the impossible happened and I got successful on one of my games “Invaders”.

I’d love to release more games, like a version of PacMan, or Tetris, but don’t honestly have the time right now due to life commitments.

But if you’re like me and want to get into releasing easy fun mobile games, please get in touch, show me something you’ve done and maybe we can work together? Ideally you’d have experience with B4A (Basic4Android), or LibGDX, but any other experience would be fine if you’re willing to learn. The ultimate goal is still to release bigger games going forward, but a range of retro style games would bring in regular income to fund full time development work on bigger titles.

Oh, and any old school Amiga or Gameboy gamers would have an immediate advantage!


What have you got lose? Get in touch!