Testing 3500Mah Battery on Samsung Galaxy S2

I just purchased a 3500Mah battery for my Galaxy S2. I had been using a 2450Mah battery for the last year but lately it feels like this batteries been losing it’s capacity as I’m finding I have recharge more often.

I’ve opted for a cheap one off ebay for £3.99 including a cover. It looks like two batteries stuck together and makes the phone quite a bit thicker. My case doesn’t fit anymore, but I’ve order a bumper case to fit around the phone instead (only £2.49 on ebay, can’t believe people who spend £25 on cases).

It’s charging right now, but I’ll post updates over the next few days giving my impressions.

So far, all I can say is it’s taking longer to charge up than the old battery, which is a good sign!