Welcome to Coffee Induced Games

Why the name???

Most of my programming is done during my commute to work in the morning or late at night. So it’s normally fuelled by drinking Coffee. That’s it really. Whether or not caffeine helps me write decent code, who knows?

I’ve been using the BlitzBasic range of languages to write games for nearly ten years now. I’m not a professional by a long way, but I like to think I can write most things as long as they’re pretty simple. I’m also normally happy to share my source code to help other people learn.

I’ve produced a series of YouTube videos aimed at total beginners to learn to write BlitzBasic code to make a Space Invaders style game. This series can be found here:

Space Invaders Programming Videos


I’ve also produced a number of shorter videos showing some coding tricks to produce simple effects, this can be found here:

Coding in Blitz Basic


Recently I’ve been getting more into Android programming using a language called Basic4Android. It’s based on the syntax for VisualBasic and is really easy to pick up and learn. I also love how open the Android platform is. You’ll find a tonne of videos on this on my Youtube channel here:

Andy McAdam YouTube channel