What’s going on with Fruit Drop

Since my focus has been off development lately and more focused onmy day job. I thought I’d write a quick update as I’ve actually spent the last hour working on my Fruit Drop game. It’s now got a nice blue gradiented background instead of plain white. I’ve also had to sit in paint for ages trying to get rid of all the nearly white pixels, that look invisible to the eye, but the mask color is pure white, so when you play the game, there’s al these white dots around the fruits. It was so annoying, and I nearly went blind from it.


Aside from that. I’ve optimised the code a bit, basically it now loops through all the fruits five times instead of eight times, which bascially means I’l be able to apply my particle engine which I’ve been meaning to do for ages and there shouldn’t be any slowdown. I’m developing this on a shitty 1.4 centrino laptop, so if it runs fine on here then I’m happy.

I might try adding a main menu and high score tonight if I have time.  My last game had a highscore that saved the highest score to a file, this time I want the top ten highscores to be saved, and have the players names on the table too, so it’s a bit more challenging than before.


Oh, I fixed some bugs with the game too, like now you can’t click between the fruits, cause that was annoying.

 P.S.  MY invaders game is now up to 63 downloads. I’m actually proud of that. I didn’t advertise much, only mentioned it on the blitzbasic forums and indiegamer forum. With fruitdrop I’m wanting a lot more downloads, I might actually get round to developing a proper site with a games list, as the number of games I’m releasing is getting larger.

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