Late night coding…..not good…..

I have to get up in six hours,  and I’m still sat here writing game code!!! Gah!!!

This is one of the problems with bedroom coding. You start coding around eight in the evening, then before you know it, it’s four hours later and you have to sleep.

I’m actually really looking forward to the weekend now, cause I’ve managed the following tasks with my casual game “Fruit Drop” this evening:

Added:  First sound effects, particles, company logo screen, animated title screen, undo function.

Oh, and my girlfriend made a suggestion for the game, so I added it. Basically she said to make the particles produced when you click a fruit to be the same colour as the fruit you click. It looks nice, it’s a nice little touch that adds some polish to the game.

I tried doing some 3D rendering tonight as well, just a wooden crate that the fruits fall into when you click them, but I couldn’t get the textures looking good, so I’ll give that another try some other time, probably this weekend.

I can’t wait for the weekend now, there’s just so many features I want to implement in the game, such as more sound effects, some music, difference game modes, game over screen, high score tables, options screen, maybe full screen mode too.


Anyway, night folks. They’ll be an updated screen shot this weekend. I don’t want to release a demo before it’s done so I’ll just release the entire game when it’s finished. Hopefully that will be in about a week.

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  1. I love writing games, not done one for ages and never actually finished one.. Have always tried to do more than I can handle! I wrote a football kick about game in blitz a few years ago, you could hit the post perfectly but when the ball hit the bar it bounced directly up before settling on top of the bar

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