Old source code recovered!

Good news everyone! (insert Prof Farnsworth voice here), I have recovered the source code for a game I started writing 15 years ago!

The game was called Grenade! and it was a Cannon Fodder clone. It got as far as being signed with a small game publisher, but never got released. Since then I lost the source code and thought I’d never see it again.

Recently, I got in touch with someone who was involved with the company, and it turns out he still have access to the old FTP archive from back then. He took a look for me and recovered my old game! I got it the other day and have already started going through it to prepare it for an Android version.

So far I’ve got as far as converting all the graphics files to PNG format, adding transparent backgrounds and a transparent level to shadow graphics.

I’ve also converted all the sound effects from WAV to OGG and the music form MOD to MP3.

I’ve written up a design document as the control scheme on PC won’t work for phones and tablets. Luckily there is a mobile game called Tiny Troopers that is very similar to mine which I can base my controls on. Should be pretty easy to implement.

Here’s some old PC screenshots:

I will post screenshots on here as I work on the game and hope to upload early test versions in a few weeks.


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