Basic4Android Library Spotlight – Accelerated Surfaces

I’ve just uploaded a new video onto my Youtube channel showing off a new library I found recently on the forums. It’s called accelerated surfaces and it look really useful for getting access to OpenGL accelerated graphics using simple commands.

Here’s the forum URL:

The library is by the user “Informatix”

In his own words:

“This library provides a dedicated drawing surface embedded inside a view, which benefits from the hardware acceleration. With it, you get the speed of OpenGL for 2D without the complexity.
It includes many Canvas methods (with anti-aliasing, matrix and camera) and a few useful methods for Bitmaps and Drawables (AlterColors, Crop, LoadNinePatch, ReduceColors, SetDensity, etc.). You can import the Matrix, Camera, Paint and Path objects from another library (if they are not wrapped).”


It’s recommended to use it with Android version 3 and up to get the full benefit from it. It will work on 2.1 – 2.3 devices, but you won’t get hardware acceleration.


Accelerated Surfaces

I’ve added a picture here showing it running on three different devices. If you look closely you’ll see the Galaxy S2 with the 120 Androids falling down the screen is running at over 50 frames per second. Which is great!



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