Testing 3500Mah Battery on Samsung Galaxy S2

I just purchased a 3500Mah battery for my Galaxy S2. I had been using a 2450Mah battery for the last year but lately it feels like this batteries been losing it’s capacity as I’m finding I have recharge more often.

I’ve opted for a cheap one off ebay for £3.99 including a cover. It looks like two batteries stuck together and makes the phone quite a bit thicker. My case doesn’t fit anymore, but I’ve order a bumper case to fit around the phone instead (only £2.49 on ebay, can’t believe people who spend £25 on cases).

It’s charging right now, but I’ll post updates over the next few days giving my impressions.

So far, all I can say is it’s taking longer to charge up than the old battery, which is a good sign!


  1. I’m putting the phone on charge after 47 hours 25 minutes. I’ts at 40% but has had two hours screen time and 40 minutes SatNav use, the satnav use killed about 20% of the battery charge. So I’d estimate it would have 60% without that, which means it could last over 100 hours with light use.

  2. 69% battery life, after 95 hours!!!!

    I recharged the battery to full, then tried to use the phone as little as possible. Right now, it’s on 69% battery remaining, after 95 hours.

    37 minutes screen time

  3. 28% Remaining after 202 hours!!!!!
    2 hours and 5 minutes screen time.

    I’ve just installed screenfilter and timerriffic to see if I can eek it out a bit further. I’d love to hit 300 hours but we’ll have to wait and see. I did send a lot of texts last night and used the phone today for fifteen minutes, and turned on the wifi to download timeriffic and screenfilter as well as lastly turning on mobile data for five minutes to use maps. but even still, that’s only a drop of 24% in 36 hours.

  4. 23% after 218 hours!!!!
    2 hours and 14 minutes screen time.

    Timerriffic doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll try to find a different app to do the same thing.

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