How World of Warcraft addiction nearly took hold of me….

I’ve spent some hours today going through old files on external hard drives. I figure I need to sort out my old Blitz Basic source code files and arrange things properly so I can have a proper system back up running. But everything needs a good spring clean first.

I found a text file diary thing I wrote when I first started playing WoW a few years ago. In the end I quit after about seven months of playing and getting to level 72 on my main char and had some middle level seconds chars. But anyway, enjoy….

Day One:

Okay, started installing the game nearly two hours ago. It comes on fives discs, and each one seems to take an age to install. You tehn have to go through the signup process, which was really really painfully slow as the pages took a long time to load, and half way through the first time I tried to sign up, it failed so I had to do it again.
I’ve now gone to sign into the game, and it’s spent five minutes downloading a patch, then said it had to restart, it didn’t restart, instead it’s gone into windows and showing me an updater program, which is currently downloading 697 megabytes to patch the game upto version 2.0.1. This is just great. So a good tip for anyone wanting to play this. Get yourself a DVD and some snacks, cause you’re going to need both just to get through the installation and patching of this thing.

Why they can’t put the game on DVD is beyond me.

Half nine: just under three hours in, it’s still less than a third of the way into getting this damn update.

Just after half ten: Thank god I’ve got other stuff to do, we’re up to 52%, maybe by midnight then…..

Just after midnight: It’s finished installing and is ready to log in. That is, if the servers were even working. It just keeps failing to connect. Found a posting on the forums saying there’s a major problem and the server status page shows most the servers (realms) and being down. This isn’t looking good. I’m going to bed.

Day Two:

I finally got on this morning. Been playing all day and I’m up to level 12, woo hoo, only 48 more levels to go! I disconnected for dinner, now have just tried reconnecting to find myself waiting for five minutes in a queue to get on ’cause the servers full. You know for a game you pay £9 a month to play this is pretty poor. I’ve played a couple of free rpg’s before and the servers where never down and you never had to queue.
End of day two: Im half way through level 14 with my warrior, hanging out in Westfall doing quests. Stuff liek collecting goretust livers and defias trapper bandanas. It’s pretty good, the auction houses are a great idea, like having ebay in the game. I read somewhere that you can use itunes while in the game, but I think this may only be on apple macs. Anyway, time for bed (3 AM).

Day Three:

Got up late, this is normal for a sunday though, so no blaming warcraft, went to sign in, there are 305 people infront of you in the queue, well that’s just terrific, it’s like they don’t want you to play. So I tidy up a little while waiting and grab myself a coffee. Ten minutes later and I’m in.

20% into level 16! Woo hoo, basically means I can do more missions and use better weapons now.

Two and a half weeks later…..

Sorry not written in a while, been too engrosed in the game, as well as work and other stuff I get up to.

I will say this though, even though I’ve spent a lot of time on the game, it’s not affected me seeing other people in real life or work. I have chosen to play it instead of doing other hobbys I normally do but I kind of expected this for the first few weeks.

Anyway, how am I doing in the world of Azeroth? I’m a level 29 warrior, I’ve currently got about 11 gold saved up, I’ve been in a few dungeons, completed more quests than I care to remember and have about six or seven people on my friends list from raids I’ve done on those dungeons (which as I’ve learnt are called instances).

Since I last wrote, the expansion packs come out – The Burning Crusade. It’s now the fastest selling game in the UK ever, it’s sold something like 4 million copies in one weekend. Apparently there were massive queues of people outside virgin megastores and HMV’s all over the world.

Oh, I’ve leant other in-game words and terms too, like what the hell Agro means, train ,roll and what meeting stones do.

It’s a gigantic game that surprising me all the time with new monsters (mobs), expansive and beautifully crafted new areas, new weapons, skills and a storyline that’s a lot deeper than I expected it to be.

I’ve even started a second character, a mage, who’s up to level 5 so far, but I’ll probably push hima bit further soon. My warrior will always be the best of the two but it’s worth having a back up character for when you feel like something different.

So I’ll check back in in a few weeks and let you know how things are going…. For the alliance!

p.s. all the queuing problems from when I started ahve all dissappeared, I get on every time now with no problem.

So yes, hope you enjoyed that, it’ll mean more to you if you’ve played Wow. After about seven months playing I decided enough was enough, I and my girlfriend had stopped going out and were spending around twenty hours or more per week playing WoW, I was going to work tired from playing till 2am every night and wasn’t taking care of myself properly. Maybe this exaplins my desire for short play phone games now???

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