Laptop SSD one year in long term comments

Okay, so it’s been over a year since I was raving about my new OCZ Vertex 2 60gb SSD drive.

Well, it’s still running great. My boot up time onto the desktop is about 25 seconds from pressing the power button.

I have an external Sata drive that has a 7200rpm 320gb Cavier Black drive in it for large games and videos. This solution works really well and the games still seem more responsive than having just a normal HDD.

Web browsing is still noticeably faster than on other HDD based PC’s.

Not much else to say really, simply that it still running really well, everything’s still really fast and I’ve no complaints. I will no doubt upgrade to a new laptop at some point soon but I’ll be leaving the SSD in this one instead of moving it over. I’ll opt for a larger one for the new machine, probably a Vertex 3 drive with 240gb of space.

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