Earth Defence Fighter – worklog update – November 10th 2017


Good afternoon. It’s a chilly November day here in Cambridge and I thought I’d write a quick update on how things are going with my current game project “Earth Defence Fighter”

I’ve posted a quick gameplay video below showing the current state of the game.

After the success of my last games, I’ve decided to keep a worklog for the development of this game, I thought it might be interesting for other game developers to read, and maybe even build up some hype for my amazing space shooter game! 🙂

Current source code state: 1582 lines, 13 custom types, 83 media files

I’ve just implemented the basic of generating alien attack waves during levels. I’ve written a function that generates alien objects based on four parameters: alienType, number, position, direction.

So it’s what type of alien (each one is numbered), how many in the attack wave, what position (this differs per alien type, for type 1 it’s which column coming down the screen, for type 2 it’s how far up the side of the screen it comes in) and direction (right=1,left=2,down=3)

I’ve got two alien types as you can see in the video, the final game will have five or six. As you progress in levels the number of aliens will go up, they’ll fire at you more and they’ll move faster. I’m sure it will take some fine tuning to make this feel right at the higher levels, I want it frantic, but not so crazy you can’t play it.

I have a set list of tasks I’m working on to release the first version, right now I’m working on the graphic files, sizing them all correctly, putting together spritesheets for animated sprites (like the explosions), and then it’s onto working on the main menu.

Remember to check back next week for my next update.



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