New Game project: Invaders – Earth Defender

After releasing my last game “Space Invaders Deluxe 2017” as a small upgrade on the space invaders clone I released a few years ago. I’ve begun work on a series of five space shooters based around the gameplay mechanic of games like “Galaga Wars” and “Voxel Invaders”.

The player ship is controlled by the player dragging it around the screen and the ship fires weapons automatically. This makes it easy to play the game one handed, which makes it better for casual players who play while travelling to work on trains, buses or subways.

I have the ship control complete, with the first weapon (single shot) working. I will use code from Space invaders deluxe for weapons upgrades and also add in new weapons such as homing missiles and extra weapons drones to fight for you.


The first game will be called “Invaders – Earth Defender”, followed by four more games based on different planets and space objects (nebula, black holes, etc…)


I plan to release these over the course of this year. And will post development updates as I go.

This is all being written in B4A using the awesome LibGDX game engine library.

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