Android Games written using Basic4Android

I’m planning to start a beginners series soon on YouTube on writing Android games using Basic4Android. But before that, I wanted to post some links to games written using it on the Google Play Market for you all to download and try.

Playing these has given me the confidence that Basic4Android can handle pretty complex game designs before you have to move onto anything bigger and more expensive.

If you want to buy Basic4Android, you can buy it through this link and save 30% off the full price by entering voucher code andymcadam

So try the games and see if you agree:


Shoot your enemies to clear each level, this very simple looking game is really addictive and captures most of what you get in the other overhead tank games on Android.

Market Link

FlaTank Screenshot1

Hangman ML Free

Excellent Hangman game that works in both English and German. I can’t vouch for the German mode, but the English mode works really well.

Market Link

Hangman ML Free Screenshot

Match Mania

A great little tile matching game.

Market Link

Match Mania Screenshot

Slow Racer

Tap the screen like crazy to get your snail to win the race!

Market Link

Slow Racer Screenshot

Minesweeper Classic+

The classic Minesweeper game.

Market Link

Minesweeper Classic+ Screenshot

I’ll update this post and add more games as I find them, or people tell me about them. I want to use this post as a showcase for the best games written so far using Basic4Android.

If you want to buy Basic4Android, you can buy it through this link and save 30% off the full price by entering voucher code andymcadam

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