SSD is brilliant!!!

I just upgraded my laptop to an OCZ 60GB Vertex 2 SSD hard drive. It’s amazing! Seriously, I’m not just going with the hype here it’s truely incredible the performance increase you get.

Booting into windows is at least twice as fast, and you can load into Firefox the moment the desktop appears, no more waiting around while things finish loading.

Most programs now open instantly, firefox takes about one second, as does google earth. the only thing that takes longer is Visual Studio Express C# that takes about six or seven seconds to load into a project from scratch. But that’s still much much faster than before.

One other big improvement is games…. you might think 60gigs is too small for Windows 7, applications and games, but you’d be wrong, I’ve got Portal, Modern Warefare 2 and a few other games installed, Windows, open office, visual studio, google earth, and a couple of other apps and still have over 25gigs free! The secret it to  delete all un needed files, and set the drive to use NTFS compression, I’ve not noticed any performance loss at all and it freed up around 4 gigs extra, on top of the 5 gigs I saved by slimming down windows and turning off system restore and hibernation.

So yes, I can still install a couple more games if I like and then use an external drive for the games I hardly play.

My advice, get one now!!! You won’t regret it!




On a side note, I’ve signed up to the Beta program for Amazon Kindle Developers, I’m thinking of buying one of the new ones and like the idea of writing some simple games or applications for it.

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  1. Amazon eventually mailed me back about the developer program. It seems they’re only interested in professional developers and don’t care about hobby programmers. Oh well. Nevermind, I’m learning Android now anyway.

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