Where have I been???

I’ve been getting a lot of mails asking when I’m posting more videos.

I’ll be honest, I’ve lost the motivation for making these videos over the last few months. I’ve been getting into new hobbies, such as motorbikes for one. And the idea of sitting inside for hours on end writing code doesn’t appeal as much as it used to. But I am planning to get back into it soon.

I haven’t done a new platform game video for a while because I messed up the coding I was doing for part 5, and didn’t want to have to rewrite everything from part 4 onwards again, but this is something I will have to do soon otherwise it’ll never go anywhere.

As for the 3D videos, I’ve not done much in 3D myself so I’m really a beginner at this, I was thinking of just working through the userguide demonstrating each command but then that’s boring, really you want a game project to follow. So that’s what I’ll do, it might not be a first person shooter though, as that involves too much code to make it worth while. Maybe I’ll write a simple ball in a maze game, I don’t know. But they’ll be something soon, I promise.

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