Small update on things…

I’ve been getting some more work done on Fruit Drop, I posted a video blog on this on Youtube, you can see it here: it’s the entry called Lone Game developer video blog, or something along those lines.

I’m really looking forward to finishing Fruit drop off now, because I’ve started the design docs for my next game. It’s an overhead view, futuristic actions RPG, it’s working title is “Alpha base 23”. It’s look will be similar to Alien Breed for anyone that remembers that game. But will have many more features. It’s not a copy of alien breed I only mention that as the graphical style will be similar. It will be much more RPG based, you’ll have missions to accomplish, an inventory system, NPC’s, maybe levelling, although that’s not in the design doc yet.

The level editor will be written in Blitz3D aswell as the scripting programs and object editors. It’s my goal for the game to basically be an engine to run the levels data files. So technically you could write a whole new game based on the same engine using different levels and graphics and everything. This is actually how games like Doom worked, they have everything pertaining to the story and levels in a big WAD file then the game is simply the engine that runs what ever it finds in the file. that’s how my game will be.

I’ll be looking for help later on to speed things up abit, initially I may need someone to help with graphics, drawing tiesets and sprites, then later on we’ll get to level design, writing dialogue for NPC’s and general scripting of cutscenes. It sounds like a very complicated game, but I’m sure if I break it down into simple to manage pieces, that I’ll manage it okay. I’ve got a number of games under my belt now, so I’m ready for the challenge. I will of course still be writing smaller games at the same time, maybe even some relatged to this main project.

Let me know if you’ve be interested in becoming part of the team…


  1. Hey mate, man i love your videos.
    I added you on MSN. Yesterday
    I just wanted to tell you that your videos, up to part 4 that im on now has really helped me so far.
    Im also a member of
    There are a few things i want, if it is possible please.

    *1. Download of all of your blitz coding videos please.
    2. If your wokring up to it, i would like to see a video on making tile mapping/tile engine. I have tried to understand this, but a basic concept is what i need. there is little to no information on this, only sources. Those can’t help hence i have numerous sources and barely understand parts of it and why it was done the way it was.

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