Biggest distraction to writing games???

Guess what? It’s other games!

You start off playing something else telling yourself it’s “research” to get ideas for your game. And as people normally play games of a similar genre to the type they’re developing, this would sort of make sense. The problem though, comes when you find the other game really fun, and keep playing it. So yes, I’ve not finished my smaller game because I’ve been playing playing other games over Christmas and New Year. Specifically Assasins Creed and Mass Effect on the Xbox 360.

 Since I’ve been wasting time on them, I should probably give a mini one paragraph review of both.

 Assasins Creed:

First thoughts: Looks really good, controls are pretty smooth but can be annoying in a Tomb Raider style way, in that you think you’re about to jump up onto a ledge, but you’re pushing slightly right, so the guy jumped to his death instead of up. Other wise, the fighting’s okay, if a little un-responsive, and the missions are very repetative. So, a good game if you like Splinter Cell, HitMan, maybe Tomb raider, otherwise it’s more eye-candy than anything else.

Mass Effect:

Looks really good, although they do carry on loading the graphics while the games playign, so you see textures “popping in” onto objects during play, and especially during cutscenes, which looks a bit crap. Otherwsie it’s prerry good. I’ve only played about an hour into this one, so can’t say too much about it. I think out of the two though, Mass Effect will probably be the first one to be completed. (If World of Warcraft doesn’t suck me in any deeper that is).

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