Making your own sound effects

I regularly read the forums on Blitz Basic’s website (see links). Some one posted a link to a free sound effects program recently. It’s called SFXR.

Here’s a screenshot:


And here’s the link:


It seems pretty good for making small sound effects like gun shots, explosions, and button press sound effects. I’ll probably use it for those things, but for longer effects like vehicle noise I’ll have to look else where. A quick search for royalty free sound effects on Google usually finds quite a few places, same goes for royalty free music.

I was aking today online regarding using my own voice in games, people do do this, but you have to sound pretty confident, you don’t want your army seargent sounding like some teenage kid (if that’s what you are). If you’re a teenager writing games, either ask family members to help you out by recording some lines (make sure you write a script), or some friends that you think have good voices. I’ll be attempting to do some voices for my games, but if my nest mate and my girlfriend say it sucks, then I’ll be looking online for some assistance among the indie games programming community.

Side tangent remark: I’ve been watching Angry videogame nerd video’s on You-tube while I’ve been typing this, go check them out, they’re pretty funny if you find yourself swearing at games when they piss you off with stupid game design flaws.

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