There’s goes me winning the Olympic 100m

I just got home from seeing the physio therapist, she believes I’ve got a problem with my Ilio-tibial band (Link for more

Main advice now, is no running (not really a problem since I never do any), and try to only do the bare minimum Taekwondo practice.

Well, since running is not allowed, that means no work out sessions in Taekwondo at all. And as I’m meant to keep training to a minimum that means only one session a week. Of course this means my black belt may need to now be pushed back to October 2008, instead of April. I was sort of ready for that anyway, since my day-job may force me to miss loads of training anyway.

I’ve got a load of exercises to do now, twice a day. Need to see how this goes, the main hope is obviously for it not to vastly affectmy training once it’s gone away.

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