Finding Inspiration….

Okay, so I know what type of game I’m developing. I’ve written down the key points: basic story line, level structure, main screens to make, weapons, how many players, etc……

 The problem comes when you sit down and think about how it will actually look on screen, and how to keep the player hooked for how ever many levels you’re putting in.

The key really is variety, something has to change while the game plays to keep people interested, from something simple like the speed of the game as in Tetris, or the locations and items like in World of Warcraft.

So I’ve been half playing games and half designing stuff tonight, for research purposes. I don’t want to give away too much about the game I’m working on, but one of the games I was taking notes from was Command and Conquer Generals, that game kicks ass, and has a lot of elements I want to take inspiration from for my game.

If you’re interested in the design work I’ve been working on tonight. I thought I’d try my hand at box modelling in DeleD, you can see the results for yourself, it’s my first attempt at modelling a sentry gun.

Sentry Gun


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