Second visit to Centre for Computing History in Cambridge

Well I said I’d go back in my original review, and I did just that today!

See my original post on the Centre for Computing History here:


This morning I revisited the Museum with my father. My Father is probably one of the main reason I’m interested in computers. He has always had an interest in computers and due to this, we always had computers in the house to my memory. From the age of six when we had an Amstrad CPC 464 machine in the house, through to the Amstrad CPC 6128 (with colour screen!), the Amiga 500+, the Amiga 1200, then a Pentium 200 PC. I knew he’d appreciate a trip to the museum, so instead of waiting six months like I had originally intended, I couldn’t help myself visiting today in order to take him there. (Just to note, he’s not elderly and can’t go on his own, I just thought he’d appreciate me being there! 🙂  )

This is a very quick post, just to give a quick update on what else I saw today. Which mainly, was upstairs.

Upstairs is where the boxed, and mostly unboxed items are stored, ready to be tested, cataloged and put on display in the main museum. This is where you find the museum bakc of house staff, sat playing on old consoles, uploading photos of exhibits to the website, and all on hand to show you their stash of old fully boxed systems.

It’s clear from looking around the “attic” the most of the computers and consoles are donated from people finding them in their garage and loft. But then there are some systems there that are in brand new condition in the box it was bought in. I saw a ZX Spectrum 48k box, a Sinclair QL box, several Amiga 500 boxes, a Dragon 32 box, all looking brand new like they could be sat on a shop shelf right now. I wish I’d taken more photos of them but that will have to be on a later visit.

There were alsoa  few gems hidden away up there, like a Nintendo Famicon clone system from china, and a cartridge for an old 8 bit console that had Angry birds on it! (Not official I should mention). It was also great to see a bookcase full of old PC and Amiga full sized boxed games there, just like they used to be presented in the shops.

Anyway, enjoy the additional photos I’ve added and please go visit, they need the support and it would be brilliant to see this museum reach its full potential.

2013-11-23 12.16.38 2013-11-23 11.54.12 2013-11-23 11.54.57 2013-11-23 12.20.53 2013-11-23 12.15.30

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