Saving Battery life on an IPhone 4S

Having recently bought my fiance an Iphone 4S for her birthday, and seeing how useful people have been finding my post on Saving battery life on a Galaxy S2 Android phone, I’ve decided it’s time for a quick round up of the top tips to save battery life on your IPhone 4S. Some of these tips may also work with older IPhones, but you’ll need to test that for yourself.

  • Turn Off Location Services – The GPS function of the phone uses a lot of power, so constantly checking your location in teh background drains a lot of battery power. The main services to turn off here are: Compass Calibration, Diagnostics and Usage, Location based iAds, and Setting Time Zone.
  • Turn Off Bluetooth – Find it in Settings / General / Bluetooth – Constantly searching for bluetooth signals drains battery life.
  • Turn Off Wi-Fi – Settings / Wi-Fi – Again, as with bluetooth, keeping a wi-fi signal running takes up battery life even when you’re not using it.
  • Turn off Push Data – This is a feature that checks emails automatically, but it uses battery life. You can tell your email to check for new maisl when you open the app, that will save you precious battery life.
  • Turn on Auto-Brightness for your screen – The screen brightness uses a massive amount of power, running the screen dimmer will save you a good amount of battery life, ensure your screen brightness is set to auto brightness and the phone will use it’s built in light sensor to set the screen for the best level for the room you are in.
  • Close Background apps – Your Iphone will continue to run apps in the background when you’re not using them. Double tap your home button and then hold your finger down over an icon until the red minus signs appear, this will let you close these apps.
  • Lock your device when not using it! – The screen uses power, so instead of waiting for the auto lock to shut your screen off when you put your phone down, turn the screen off yourself using the lock button on the top right of the phone. This could save you an hour or more of battery life just on it’s own.
  • Turn off cellular data – This is in your settings menu. If you just use Wi-Fi networks when browsing the internet, using Itunes or the Appstore, then you can turn off cellular data to preserve even more battery life.


You can find more official information on Apple’s battery tips page here:

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