Raspberry Pi FAQ

Some questions answered on the raspberry Pi for those less technically inclined but thinking of buying one:

1. Can the Raspberry Pi run Windows programs and games?

Answer: No, the Raspberry Pi does not run Windows and therefore cannot run Windows applications or games.

2. What power connector do I need to buy for the Raspberry Pi?

Answer: It does not come with a charger, but you can use any modern smart phone charger (not IPhone), or Kindle charger. It’s a Micro USB connector.

3. What screen can I plug the Raspberry Pi into?

Answer: any screen that support either HDMI or Composite Video. Most TV’s will support composite video with newer TV’s and computer monitors supporting HDMI.

4. Does the Raspberry Pi come with Linux already loaded?

Answer: No, you must purchase an SD Memory card and load onto it an operating system to run on the Pi, you can download a preconfigured system here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads

5. Android phones run on ARM chips, like the Pi, so can I install Android on it?

Answer: No. Different ARM chips support different features, teh ARM11 processor used in the Pi is not supported by any current version of Android. It is possible that someone will make a version of android work on it in the near future however.

6. Can I use my Pi as a media centre computer on my TV?

Answer: Yes, the Pi is capable of decoding full HD 1080p videos. there is also an early version of XBMC (Xbox media centre) being developed for it, see the YouTube video here:


7. How do I connect a mouse and keyboard?

Answer: the Raspberry Pi Model B has two USB ports, model A has 1. You can connect keyboards and mice using these, if you require additional USB ports then a USB hub can be used. Due to the low power use of the Raspberry PI, a powered USB hub is recommended.

8. Can it play games?

Answer: Yes! There is already a video showing Quake 3 running on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_mDuJuvZjI    and it runs quite well!


9. Who’s this David Braben guy the news keeps mentioning regarding the Raspberry Pi project?

Answer: He was part of te two man team who wrote the game Elite. He later went on to set up “Frontier Developments” which developed the Elite sequel “Elite 2: Frontier”. The company web site is: http://www.frontier.co.uk


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