Impressed with the ipod touch

I’ve got to say this new iPod touch I’ve gone and bought is pretty bloody cool. I’m typing this post on it right now actually. It’s pretty fast for typing on and it corrects a lot of words automatically when you get things wrong.
So yes, apple, you’ve done well here. I’m getting addicted to it. It does so much. It does make me want an iPhone now though to get the gps and phone too.


  1. Why don’t you just get an iPhone?

    By the way, I just followed your Blitz Begginner tutorial on Youtube, and it’s pretty damn good!

    Also, it’s spelled “continuing” xD

    • I did actually. 2 months after getting the Touch I decided to upgrade, I was too early for the 3GS, but am a proud owner of a 16gb 3G. I think it’s great. If only they would sort of the bugs (mainly the one that causes programs to quit to the dashboard)

      • That really shouldn’t happen too often at all. However, the iPhone can get quirky if it isn’t powered off/on for a while. (reboot, not standby). Can also affect 3G pickup.

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